Who We Are

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Marcia Marino, Owner of Sotto Voce

I have lived in Bergen County, New Jersey for 27 years.  My life path may resemble yours: spouse, volunteer, employee, career-changer.  Those roles, along with the many activities that comprise them, led me to start Sotto Voce Concierge.  I found that there is a way to manage those roles without non-stop stress, and I would like to share that way with you.  Here’s a hint—it starts with being able to delegate, and trusting the person you’ve delegated to.

Prior to starting Sotto Voce, I was an orchestra teacher.  That particular role allowed me to develop long-term relationships with my students and their families, as I served those students throughout their elementary and middle school years.  Those relationships were built by listening and caring.   

I work one on one with my concierge clients, getting to know their needs and giving them personalized attention. When you hire me for any service, you get the benefit of my years of experience, my passion for “the details,” and my care for your well-being.  When it feels like life is too much, let me lend a helping hand.

How We Work

  • Once you’ve realized that you need some personal assistance—whether it is for your home, office, or an up-coming event—click the contact form for a 15-minute phone consultation.
  • During our 15-minute phone consultation, I can assess your needs and help determine how best to help you.  Packages of hours are the most convenient and affordable way to begin using our services.
  • After our consultation, I can schedule your services and allow you to enjoy more and stress less!

Who We Help

Sotto Voce clients are people like you!

  • They live in Bergen County and lead full lives.
  • They value quality of life—from having a household that functions smoothly to spending time with loved ones to being able to pursue their passions.
  • They know that expertise matters.

Whether it is in their personal life or on the job, Sotto Voce clients know the value of their time. They appreciate knowing that the details of their shopping, errands, and routine “life stuff” are handled with precision and care, and they love being able to spend their time on what matters most.