Who we are

Sotto Voce Gifts and Concierge is run by Marcia and Larry Marino. We are a husband-and-wife team with a passion for getting the details right.  With our backgrounds as musicians and educators, we are well-versed in planning, creating, and executing with absolute precision.  This is what we bring to Sotto Voce.

What we do

Our mission with Sotto Voce Gifts and Concierge is to help you benefit from that dedication to precision.  With the information we gather from you, we can complete tasks, run errands, plan and execute special events, provide you with gift-giving options—all as if you were doing it yourself.

Our Commitment

Sotto Voce Gifts and Concierge has one job—to make your life run a bit more smoothly.  For all those things you just can’t seem to get to, we will be able to.  Sotto Voce is here to find out what you need done, how you’d like it done (and when), and then execute the task as if you were doing it yourself.  What good is it if you’re not satisfied?  Our passion for excellence eliminates the frustration of not getting something accomplished, or having it done sloppily.  What you want, when and how you want it—that is the Sotto Voce commitment.