How To Find A Personal Concierge?

how to fin concierge service

How To Find A Personal Concierge?

Choosing a personal concierge is a big decision.  There are numerous concierge companies out there—from large entities that deal with clients in various parts of the country, to luxury concierge services that can provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences, to online delivery services, to small businesses like Sotto Voce.  How do you decide?  Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Needs:  What are your needs?  Are you looking for someone with an “in,” that can get you exclusive items or accommodations?  Are you relocating and need someone to manage your move or do the ‘legwork’  in your new city?  Do you have exacting standards and are concerned about getting low quality produce in your grocery order?  Could you use a helping hand in a variety of areas?  Let what you need guide you to whom you should select.

Trust:  If you are looking for a delivery of groceries or household goods, then maybe the store’s delivery service is appropriate for your needs.  However, if you have had a bad experience and your items arrived crushed or broken, then maybe you need a concierge you can trust.  What is trust built on?  Comfort with the person you speak to, relatability, a sense that your concierge is listening to you.  This is true whether your concierge is selecting your produce, handling a return, picking up a prescription or checking your house while you are away.  Have a conversation;check credentials.  At Sotto Voce, we are fully insured, bonded, and as a former teacher—have passed an FBI Background Check.

Relationship:  In 2019, a CEO’s job description for their household manager/nanny went viral.  It included things such as bodysurfing and an enjoyment of river swimming.  While many scoffed at this as reflecting unimaginable entitlement and privilege, the CEO’s explanation revealed something far less objectionable.  She wanted a household manager who would understand the needs of her family, be able to keep up with their active lifestyle, and to be able to develop a close, long-term relationship with her family.  It is not wrong to want someone to be your “right hand.”   Great service takes understanding; making sure that  your concierge knows you, your expectations, your quirks—will allow you to get the level of service you deserve.

At Sotto Voce, trust is our core value.  In my pre-concierge career as a teacher, I was entrusted with that which is most precious to people—their children.  I have exhibited patience and care, and put my heart into working with little ones.  Imagine what I can do for you!  Because I was an orchestra teacher, I had the same students for multiple years.  I had the opportunity to listen to them, learn about their lives, and to watch them grow.  In short, to develop a relationship with them.  Watching, listening, adapting—they are all baked into how I operate, so to speak. 

The Sotto Voce promise is to help you focus on what matters most; we will take care of life’s little details with precision and compassion.I hope that once you’ve had the opportunity to reflect on your needs and your expectations of a personal concierge, you will choose Sotto Voce.  We are only a phone call away at (201) 707-5813.