Company Values

Sotto Voce Values:

sotto concierge values

At Sotto Voce Gifts and Concierge, our core value is trust.  In my thirty-year career as a music teacher, parents entrusted me with those who are most dear to them—their children.  Building trust, not only with parents—but with the children themselves—requires the ability to listen, to take to heart, to empathize. That ability to listen and to empathize is key to our work in serving the Sotto Voce clients.  We listen and use that information to complete your service as if you were doing it yourself, with attention to all the details that are important to you.

One thing that I am carrying forward from teaching music into Sotto Voce Gifts and Concierge is the emphasis on personal, long-term relationships.  The best part of teaching orchestra was that I got to see my students grow and change from year to year, as I was their teacher from fourth grade through eighth grade.  I got to know their interests, their likes and dislikes, and to see how best to help them.  I will do the same for you as a client of Sotto Voce.

Our relationship is the key factor in your Sotto Voce experience.  The better we know you, the better we can serve you.  The better we can serve you, the greater your satisfaction—with not only our service but with your life—because you will have time to do more of what matters to you.

Benefits of Using Sotto Voce Concierge Services

  • You won’t have to get bogged down in minutiae. Why should you spend your time sniffing cantaloupe or rifling through the ears of corn at the grocery store, when we can do it for you?
  • No waiting in line!
  • Less exposure to health risks. Stay safe, stay home!
  • No having to deal with traffic!
  • No parking hassles.
  • Less car time=More time for activity=Better health
  • Less decision-fatigue
  • More free time!
  • Personalized service. You never just an order number to us.
  • We keep track of your preferences, schedule, lifestyle.  We’re here to help you live your best life.